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Cyber Security & Forensic Training

“You Dream We Fullfill”, Here we are to make the individuals or the LEA aware about the cyber forensic and cyber security , As Cyber forensic is an emerging word in this era so we provide various certification courses to the individuals.

We provide these following programmes for the LEA and the students.

1.Certification Programme in Cyber Forensic:-

In this programme we will make you aware with the cyber forensic investigation and digital forensics.That is we will let you know each and every processes which are done in Cyber forensic Investigation .

Certifications Programmes in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking:-

In this programme we will make you aware with the ethical hacking and cyber security. Here you will be learning about the tactics used in ethical hacking .

These certification programmes are of three levels which are:-

  • First level
  • Intermediate Level
  • High level

The first level programme is for 15 days,The intermediate level is for 45 days and the high level is for 90 days.